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Mobip Yoshiko Figure Announced!!!

February 9, 2010

I was browsing the internet today and seen that there was a Mobip Strike Witches line!!!!! The first one wont be out till May but i’m patient!!!


Figure Unboxings=Figure Reviews!

February 7, 2010

You all knew it would eventualy come to this, I am now doing video reviews as well as written reviews!!!! This is due to the fact that it I can show off the figure and give an opinion with direct feed on what im talking about! So here is my first Video review off mikuru asahina!!!!! Also i feel as though my reviews are missing someting, please share what you feel!

OMG @ HLJ Shipping Rates!!!!

February 5, 2010

So I got on hlj today to see what the buzz is about! Doing some calucaltions of prices cause i now a budget ^^ (50$ a week for figures!) So i See that HLJ has raised there shipping rates of average sized iems from 8.47 to 16.41-18.07! I am speechless……

Birthday Loot Update!!!

February 4, 2010

You knew it would come eventually because I’m  a very indecisive person XD! So as the situation looks now ill be getting

A Hatsune Miku Figma (as said before):

And Konata WF O8 EXCLUSIVE (ONLY 5000) Cosplay ver.

As it stands I’m pretty sure this is official, but the good lord only knows with me XD!

Update: It’s official, THEY ARE ORDERED!!!!

Play Arts Kai Jeanne Figure=Pre-ordered!!!!

February 4, 2010

So today I got on play asia and pre ordered my jeanne. lets just hope my money finances don’t fall through the roof by then!!!