Hatsune Miku Figma Figure Review!

Going to my first con back in November I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I’d see new characters but never one like this. My friend was going and she was cosplaying as some character named Hatsune Miku, she told me she was the mascot for some Japanese computer program called Vocaloids. I didn’t know that a few weeks later a personal obsession would begin and that this blue haired virtual pop sensation would soon be the object of my upmost affection! ^^



Hatsune Miku is a character with a very unique design. The only official design she was depicted in was the design on the Vocaloids box. So when max factory was creating her action figure they decided to go with a personal face design, they made an amazing choice because this face has stuck with her since! She looks absolutely amazing and has no flaws whatsoever. This being said she does have some minor factory defects like paint clumping on her hair and a blue stray mark on her arm. This is easily forgiven with any figma because they are mass produced.




The character of Hatsune Miku is a musical one. She’s supposed to be a pop culture sensation and should be accessorized as such. She comes with a microphone (which makes no sense to me seeing as she has a headset) and a stand to go with it. This as I said makes no sense to me because she has a headset with a beautifully displayed mic coming from her ear to her mouth. She also comes with two leeks (spring onions) because she is often depicted with such in videos like: Miku Miku Ni Shute Ageru and Levan Polka. They are depicted very accurately and can be placed in her hands, and if you’ve seen real leeks they look exactly alike!




Like all figma figures, Hatsune Miku is articulated extremely realistically. Everything is articulated from her pig tails to her tie! The only complaint I have is her head motion is limited due to the two small pieces of hair of the bottom of the back of her head. That is a small detail and is extremely benign.




FIGMAS ARE DELICATE! All figmas can and will break very easily; they are not toys they are for collectors only! They are pricey little things as well (Miku was 66$ and that’s only because I was lucky). I did drop her once on carpet and nearly cried but she was unharmed. So for a COLLECTORS item she is durable ENOGUH.


-Overall Opinion:

Hatsune Miku is the spitting image of the Figma Corporation and it the most sought after figma of all time. She is perfect in every way shape and form! The blue haired beauty has captured the heart of millions including mine! If you can’t afford her sell a kidney and your children! She is an otaku MUST HAVE!!!!

1000000000/5 (ITS OVER 9000!) lol jk ^^



2 Responses to “Hatsune Miku Figma Figure Review!”

  1. Toxxy Says:

    It’s NOT LEVAN.
    Capital I! Ievan!
    Not lowercase l! I/l
    Ievan Polka.
    Sheesh xP.

  2. Otaku_Girl Says:

    actually its both

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