Mikurus Late Awakening!

So this saturday morning mikuru decided to sleep in late, not knowing wat she’d miss!

Upon awakening she smelt pancakes and became excited, but she was easily distracted by…..

A PACKAGE!!!!!!! O.O

She quickly jumped into the box.

But she found nothing! Mikuru thought and decided to hed over to the display shelve to see if anyone else knew anything.


its figma nanoha takamachi, joining us from kirinhobby.com!

She makes a great edition to our family!

OH ANNOUNCEMENT! – Mobip yoshika miyafujis release has been pushed back to late april, so i will not get her till then!


One Response to “Mikurus Late Awakening!”

  1. Otaku_Girl Says:

    ah shes so cute when shes sleeping ^3^ kawaii

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