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Hatsune Miku Project Diva Review

January 12, 2010

 Being a recently discovered fan of Vocaloids I’ve found myself completely obsessed with a little virtual diva named Hatsune Miku! So with a little research I found out there’s a  game called Hatsune Miku Project Diva for the PSP.  With Christmas rolling around I figured “Hey, why the hell not!” And with the end of that sentence I woke up on Christmas morning with a little shining present under the tree for yours truly. With much anticipation I rushed to open it and had my PSP out and ready for play.



                This is a rhythm game that plays similar to DDR. You must hit the button appearing on the screen corresponding with the rhythm of the song and Miku’s vocals. You are scored on how many buttons you press and how accurately you match up the button presses with the silhouettes on screen. It may just have been me but I felt as though the button presses were slightly off from the actual song (being a Miku fan I believe I can actively vouch for that ^^).  The songs are very fun to do especially if you like Miku’s songs! Even if you don’t this is still enjoyable and you’ll have the J-POP tunes like: World is Mine, Love is War and especially Ievan Polka stuck in your noggin all day long! Overall the gameplay is solid and works perfectly!



                Miku is represented beautifully in this game. Her dances, facial expression and outfits are spot on and just a visual treat! The high pixel rate and variety of colors are displayed beautifully on the small PSP screen. The stages Miku performs on are colorful and well done. The game provides a refuge for the graphic deprived fan boys of the PSP.



                Project Diva is considered a pick up and play game but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, oh no. Its universal appeal is only matched by its constant tedious attitude towards the player. Remember playing DDR for the first time? It may have taken you 3 maybe 4 tries to beat your first song, well this will take you at least an hour to two hours to pass your first song with a standard ranking. The ranking system is as followed:

missxtake – missed to many buttons, fail (mid-song)

cheap – song finished but not a good enough score, fail

standard – song finished good score, passed

great – song finished very good score (only missed a few), passed (hard difficulty unlocked)

perfect – not a single beat missed, passed (hard difficulty unlocked)

But once you get the hang of its fun, but this doesn’t make up for the lack of a tutorial mode.



                This is a game you keep coming back to, over and over again. You’ll be replaying the catchy songs and singing along. There also a ton of extras to unlock including LOTS  of new costumes for Miku, new characters and new objects for Miku’s room (a mode where Miku is put in her room and interacts with unlockable objects). There is also a song and dance maker mode where you can upload a song from your memory stick and make a music video out of it. It’s very difficult to figure out if you don’t know Japanese so I’d stay away from that mode at all costs!!! But overall the game will be glued to your hand for years to come.

5/5 (link to my video showing of the box)

 Overall Score


Pick this up if you get the chance it’s a great game and a must buy for Miku or Vocaloid fans!