Fraulein Revoltech Haruhi Suzumiya Bunny Version Review!

January 28, 2010



Haruhi Suzumiya is a bossy, upbeat, and distinctive character! So is her design; this is captured very well in this figure.  Haruhi is in her bunny suit she wore in episode 12 (I think) of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya during the cultural festival; just looking at her takes me back to the first time I heard God Knows! She does look a bit tan though, unlike the character herself.  Her appearance is excellent!




In the episode, Haruhi wore her bunny outfit and she performed on stage. Her guitar is recreated extremely well, it includes everything right down to the frets (XD I think that’s what they’re called, I really have no idea).


One thing about the guitar is that it’s difficult to adjust. She comes with multiple hands (the usual and one has a guitar pick in it for the guitar which is very neat ^^). She comes with an SOS brigade advertisement sign that she used in episode 3 (I think). The sign is brown and beige and is very nice but it can be difficult to make her hold in her hands which is a large hastle. She also comes with two more faces, a content schemey looking face and a rocker face which could double as a pissed off face XD.




Haruhi is a Fraulein Revoltech which uses the E.L.F. joint system; see my Mikuru review for her articulation. Her wrists are extremely disgusting looking see:


This often makes her look really bad when putting her in more flexible poses. Her waist joint is very flimsy and flops back and forth when you hold her. Other than that the articulation is pretty nice.




Haruhi (like Mikuru) is EXTREMLEY DURABLE! Like all Fraulein Revoltechs you cannot break her! Her hands fall off a lot though which is a huge flaw and a recurring royal pain in the butt!



-Overall Opinion

Haruhi is a great figure and a cheap one at that, she is very fun to play with and has great accessories, and you can pick yours up for only 23$ at John’s Camera Store:!



Play Arts Kai Bayonetta and Jeanne figures are now available to pre-order!

January 24, 2010

Im a huge fan of Bayonetta, and just finished the game the other day. I like Bayonetta but I LOVE Jeanne, so i’m pre-ordering her ASAP. Ss for bayonetta, well, she can wait. Excpect to see this around august!


January 19, 2010


Mikuru Found a package!

January 16, 2010

So this morning Mikuru came running through the front door with a package in hand. Apparently she ran all the way up to the mailbox, climbep up the the mailbox stand and got this package. Now as far-fetched as this story seemed you must remember how excited little Mikuru can get!

Without so much as a word of consent from me she ripped open the package and started pulling out its contents.

Turns out it was Haruhi, Mikuru was extatic to see her good but bossy friend.

Mikuru: Oh Haruhi it’s you!

Haruhi: Yeah,Yeah we can have a reunion later just GET ME OUT OF HERE!

I tried to help but Mikuru insisted on doing it herself. After much frustration Mikuru finally succedes.

Haruhi: Finally I was stuck in that damn box, traveling half way across God’s green earth for A WEEK!

Mikuru: Oh, well im sorry but your out now! ^^

Haruhi: *sings* God knows that I would follow you if that is what ya wanted*

So after a quick performance, Mikuru and Haruhi were catching up all morning. I’m sure they’ll be very happy in my collection!

Fraulein Revoltech Mikuru Asahina Figure Review!

January 15, 2010

Being a fan of Haruhi, I decided to check out the figures made from the show’s characters. I found tons of figures, but one stuck out specifically to me: Fraulein Revoltech Mikuru Asahina! Then…well you get it, I bought the figure! >_>



 Mikuru, being packaged in a rather small box, is very well detailed and pretty accurate in terms of appearance. From her hair to her shoes, her paint job is spot on. I had no problems on mine, although there have been a lot of rumors about yellow coloring on her apron and clumping of the paint. Mine did not have any of those problems. This being said the eyes were a tad bit too far apart, but that is a very insignificant detail and didn’t affect my thoughts on her appearance.



Miss Asahina comes equipped with a load of accessories. First we have a set of toy guns that she used to fight Yuki in The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina. These guns are perfect and look exactly like their anime counterpart. She can position them in her hands, but they can fall loose sometimes which is not a big deal. She comes with a large variety of hands (8 PAIRS TO BE EXACT). They are really nice and some are used to hold her many accessories, but they can be a large hassle to change! Especially with her lacy cuffs. She also comes with a futon beater, which is extremely irrelevant because she was only seen with it once when she moved in with Koizumi and was seen doing housework. It is very realistic-looking. It bends slightly and has real twine made from some kind of hay or something. She also comes with 4 faces: content/neutral (slightly smiling), worried smiling, the famous Mikuru beam, and a frustrated fighting face. They are all extremely detailed and are perfect.




Articulation for this figure is nice but can be a problem at times. Her arms can move forwards and backwards, but not in and out which can be frustrating (especially when trying to make the Mikuru beam position, I could not get her to do it). Her legs can basically move anyway a human can but after bending them a few times they felt flimsy in my hands. Her waist can also bend slightly which is ok, I guess, but it’s pretty useless. Her head is on a ball joint but when tilted to far up her joints become completely overexposed. Bleh! Her hands can spin but not pivot at the wrists which can, once again, be very annoying if you’re trying to do the FREAKING MIKURU BEAM POSE >P! Lastly, her ponytails are on a ball joint so have fun with those, I did. 😉




I cannot stress how durable fraulein Revoltech figures are! I have a Mami Futami Fraulein figure  and I’ve thrown it across the room many times. The joints may fall apart but collecting them and popping them back together makes them as good as new.



-Overall Opinion

This little moe (XD) maid is extremely nice and can be posed many different ways and is a must-have for Haruhi fans.  Please do yourself a favor and pick this up if you get the chance!

4/5 (link to my video showing off the figure and the box, go sub please ^^)

I gotta package!

January 14, 2010


Meet my new mascot miss Mikuru Asahina! I’ve got an unboxing of her on my youtube channel now and i’ll have a full review of her up later!!!

She will be included in any pictures i have in my posts (doing something cute w/ whatever my post is about ex: a new package)!!!!

Fraulein Revoltech Haruhi Suzumiya WANT!

January 13, 2010

I’ve known about this figure for a while and I’ve wanted it and the replacable busts. I’ve found the figure and busts on ebay, and am going to put aside my figure priorities to save for it!!

As for the busts/replaceable faces im asking for all of them for my birthday next month!

Hatsune Miku Project Diva Review

January 12, 2010

 Being a recently discovered fan of Vocaloids I’ve found myself completely obsessed with a little virtual diva named Hatsune Miku! So with a little research I found out there’s a  game called Hatsune Miku Project Diva for the PSP.  With Christmas rolling around I figured “Hey, why the hell not!” And with the end of that sentence I woke up on Christmas morning with a little shining present under the tree for yours truly. With much anticipation I rushed to open it and had my PSP out and ready for play.



                This is a rhythm game that plays similar to DDR. You must hit the button appearing on the screen corresponding with the rhythm of the song and Miku’s vocals. You are scored on how many buttons you press and how accurately you match up the button presses with the silhouettes on screen. It may just have been me but I felt as though the button presses were slightly off from the actual song (being a Miku fan I believe I can actively vouch for that ^^).  The songs are very fun to do especially if you like Miku’s songs! Even if you don’t this is still enjoyable and you’ll have the J-POP tunes like: World is Mine, Love is War and especially Ievan Polka stuck in your noggin all day long! Overall the gameplay is solid and works perfectly!



                Miku is represented beautifully in this game. Her dances, facial expression and outfits are spot on and just a visual treat! The high pixel rate and variety of colors are displayed beautifully on the small PSP screen. The stages Miku performs on are colorful and well done. The game provides a refuge for the graphic deprived fan boys of the PSP.



                Project Diva is considered a pick up and play game but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, oh no. Its universal appeal is only matched by its constant tedious attitude towards the player. Remember playing DDR for the first time? It may have taken you 3 maybe 4 tries to beat your first song, well this will take you at least an hour to two hours to pass your first song with a standard ranking. The ranking system is as followed:

missxtake – missed to many buttons, fail (mid-song)

cheap – song finished but not a good enough score, fail

standard – song finished good score, passed

great – song finished very good score (only missed a few), passed (hard difficulty unlocked)

perfect – not a single beat missed, passed (hard difficulty unlocked)

But once you get the hang of its fun, but this doesn’t make up for the lack of a tutorial mode.



                This is a game you keep coming back to, over and over again. You’ll be replaying the catchy songs and singing along. There also a ton of extras to unlock including LOTS  of new costumes for Miku, new characters and new objects for Miku’s room (a mode where Miku is put in her room and interacts with unlockable objects). There is also a song and dance maker mode where you can upload a song from your memory stick and make a music video out of it. It’s very difficult to figure out if you don’t know Japanese so I’d stay away from that mode at all costs!!! But overall the game will be glued to your hand for years to come.

5/5 (link to my video showing of the box)

 Overall Score


Pick this up if you get the chance it’s a great game and a must buy for Miku or Vocaloid fans!

Waiting on the world… Maybe not the world, but something important!

January 11, 2010

Recently, I was baby sitting while stuck at my house, and I stumbled upon some cashity cash cash (CA CHING). *cough* You get the idea. So two new packages are well on their way! Expect some new reviews soon! Some are still in my backlog waiting to be uploaded so watch for that on my Youtube as well. I will be receiving two Fraulein Revoltech figures; I’m very excited!

For more information, check out my youtube channel

See you then~!


January 11, 2010

Miss Toxxy, the awesome, has decided to become my official editor when I’m away. She’ll keep you updated on everything. She will mainly be working on revising my pages, buying me gifts (teehee), and web design. So give her a nice shout out in the comments! She might even put a word or two of her own anime goods sometime.